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2024 RA Network Event Reviews

Moving Companies - Attendees Reviews

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Perfectly organised, a very good opportunity to share ideas and create a business network!

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  Giuseppe Barbuto  

 Giovaruscio Group

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Excellent event , Well presented and thought out. Best event to date in terms of meeting new colleagues.

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  Wayne Bracken  

  Just Move Relocations  

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Great opportunity of networking with colleagues and friends

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  Marco Gabri 

  Bolliger s.p.a.  

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Awesome networking and informative

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  Joanne Tzouanakos  

  Safeway Transport  


Great event and location

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  David Hollins  

  Solaris Relocations Ltd  


Very good organizations and all was great!

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  Cesar Curado  

Transport Senhora da Agonia Lda

Exceptional organization by the RA team followed by a great network of people

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Anna Maria Tavanli  

  Safeway Transport  


Great experience, great people, great meetings!

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  Marcus Scheller  

  B&P SPED  


Was surprising to see that you filled as much people as PAIMA does... Well Done!

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  Luis Duarte    

  Global International Relocation  


Good for the business and the friendship

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Luis Dugas



It has exceeded my expectations

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Pablo Sanchez



A very well organised event, good network

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  George Enescu  

  Intercity Removals Ltd.  

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Passionate moving experience

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  Maarten van Zutphen  

  CANI Management & Consultancy  


My first experience in the speed dating and the organization is amazing congrats for all the team

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  Luis Beleza  

Transportes Beleza


Amazing time and good networking

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  Wouter van Riemsdijk  

  Kuiper The International Mover  


It's quite well balanced with meetings and presenters

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  Abhilash Nair  

  ISS Relocations  

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A surprisingly useful and fun conference

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  Kylian Schipper  

  Transpack Moving Services  


Nice way to connect with people

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Alina Niacsu

  City Movers Mudanzas S.L.  


Was a great time, also with the speed datings. met lots of new people and made useful contacts

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  Christina Field  

  SLS GmbH  


The reloadvisor staff was amaizing

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  Davide Campagna  

  Seven Stars S.R.L.  

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Very helpful and interesting to meet many people

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  Harry Grewal  

  Global Moving Services  

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The best experience I've had, reinvigorated me

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  Lara Sangster  

  Box Chain Moving  

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Networking at its absolute best!

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  Menno Martens  

  SurveyPlus Virtual Move Consultancy  


Great, simple and effective! was very well organized and very good in terms of simpleness of networking!

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Fabio Manuel

Invictus Relocation

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This was a fantastic event organised by the RA Team with Marco leading from the front. The outstanding & impressive football game organized by Invictus Relocations, the 10-minute meetings, the social break-out sessions, the overwhelming warehouse visit to Global International Relocations, the wonderful city boat cruise and the finale Gala Diner everything was amazing. We really appreciate the efforts by the RA team. A fabulous networking experience overall!

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Anish DSouza

ISS Relocation LLC


It was an amazing experience to attend this event and meet fellow professionals in the same industry. Marco and his team did great job, everything was organised well and in detail. Both the pre-arranged and the customised speed dating were great experiences, the first one allowed to meet new people and explore new possibilities without any need to spend valuable time on prior coordination and the customised one allowed to meet the companies according to our preferences. Everything was great. Thank you to Marco and his team

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Alina Ghambaryan

Kae International Movers


Great experience, gorgeous location in sunny Lisbon, fantastic opportunity to meet old partners and get to know new ones. Speed meetings were a great idea, sessions very useful especially the one of Voerman Group. Very kind and professional RA team, they went beyond and back. Thank you, it was a great experience.

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Monika Pop

NSEW Mobility

RA Movers Network Event - 1st to 3rd February 2024 - Lisbon
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